Departure Day

Everything is going as planned on departure day. Two flights are in the air and teens and counselors on the third and fourth flights are on their way to the airport.

Teens asked to relax today and hang out at the pool with each other before their flights, and we accommodated their request. So many new friendships were made, and teens being teens, it’s all about the friendships.

Those of us who are flying tomorrow will enjoy a nice dinner and then the evening in Tsfat, where we will visit a talented glass blower, who will give us a private demonstration. Teens are excited for tonight’s activity, going back to such a beautiful and mystical place.

Tomorrow morning the last group will fly home. Kids have already made plans to get together this week, looking forward to continuing what they started in Israel.

Teens are excited to return to Israel sometime soon.They definitely connected with the land, her people, and with so much more. Though our plans had to change, teens made the most of it, enjoying everything that was around them. It’s wonderful to hear them making plans to return to Israel in the near future.

I know this past week has been a challenging one for parents, and that you are anxiously waiting to hug your kids and hear all about their adventures in Israel. Many exciting stories are in your future.

I thank you for your patience and trust over this past week, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

With love from Israel,

Debbie Coltin

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  1. Bette Keva says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for all you have done with our kids. It is much appreciated.


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