Fabulous, Fun-filled Days!

Yesterday was filled with fun and adventure from morning until night. The day started with a refreshing and beautiful hike at the Banias to enjoy some of Israel’s most beautiful waterfalls. The natural beauty of the north is breathtaking,and it is wonderful that teens have the opportunity to explore and appreciate all that is around us.

After a delicious lunch buffet, we went to a chocolate factory where teens were chocolatiers, creating their own delicious treats. Israeli chocolate is really yummy, and teens had the opportunity to use their creativity in a fun and tasty way.

Under the full moon of last night, we visited the archaeological ruins of Beit She’an for a walking tour. Teens marveled at such a place, sparking their imagination of life long ago. It is truly amazing to walk amongst ancient ruins in Israel, in a place that is as old as it is modern.

Today we are off to a jeep tour (fun, fun, fun!), another hike and more visiting sites in the area.

Tonight we will enjoy our farewell dinner together, giving teens an opportunity to process what they have experienced this past week and the chance to share their thoughts and feelings with the group.

Departures begin tomorrow, and we will all return to the States by Wednesday.

Teens are looking forward to their Y2I Welcome Home Reunion on August 24, and I look forward to seeing all of you at that time too.

With love from everyone in Y2I,


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