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Dedicated to Bob Lappin, CJP and more than 800 donors, who made 2014 Y2I a reality. Thank you for this most special opportunity.

July 6, 2014. The day has finally arrived. Most of you have been anticipating this day for nearly a year, and the Lappin Foundation even longer. Excitement, anticipation, and even a bit of nervous energy will be in the air when we meet later this morning.

I understand the concerns parents and teens have about the events of recent weeks. We pay close attention to what is happening, and we will make changes in our itinerary if needed. We do not travel to areas that are not safe, and the tour company is well-informed about developments.  I will be in touch if there are any major changes.

Your children are in the very capable hands of caring, compassionate and dedicated counselors, and you have the experience of the Lappin Foundation staff behind you. I want to give an extra special thank you to Sharon Wyner, who has worked closely with each family over the year to ensure that that all of your children’s information is in order for our 2014 Y2I Adventure.

New adventures, new friends, magical moments and more await your children in Israel. As soon as we board the buses, the fun begins. You will see a marked difference from departure day to arrival day in your children, as individuals, and in the 2014 Y2I cohort as a group.  Today you may not understand what I mean, but I am pretty confident that on July 18th you will notice it.

2014 Y2I is my 10th Y2I Adventure, including my own in 1973. I am as excited today going to Israel with your children as I was in 1973. Each trip is a unique experience. Though many of the sites we visit are the same, the experience is different with each Y2I group.  I discover Israel all over again with each new Y2I cohort.  I thank you for the privilege of sharing this adventure with your children.

And what an adventure we will have! Israel is the one place on earth where Jewish people can look back thousands of years to understand where we are going. Israel is a place where people continue to give so much to the world, a fulfillment of the Divine commandments to “be a blessing” and to “be a light unto the nations”. Y2I will give your children the chance to see these blessings up close, and to better appreciate the gift and legacy of what it means to be a Jew, a member of a small, caring and unique Family.

You can follow our adventures at www.Y2I.org, where you can view pictures and read the blog, which I will do my best to post every couple of days. Our days are long and full, so forgive me if time runs out at the end of the day, leaving me little time left to write often. Share the link with your family and friends and invite them to follow your children’s adventure in Israel, too.

I look forward to seeing you in a few hours, and I am excited to welcome 101 fortunate teens to board the buses for their adventure of a lifetime.

Until next time…from Israel,

Debbie Coltin


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  1. Julie Cheimets says:

    Thank you to Mr Lappin, the CJP and the generous donors for giving our children this amazing opportunity and soon to be….an experience of a lifetime. I want to also thank you, Sharon, Ali and all the others for the hard that goes into a trip like this. None of this would be possible with out you. Much love, appreciation and thanks!
    Julie (Despres) Cheimets

  2. So xcited for all of you. Have a great trip!

  3. samuel stockhamer says:

    Thank you for your dedicated efforts and the work done by your staff to bring this about.We are thrilled to have our grandson participate and know that this trip will go a long way to help him solidify his Jewish identity and an apprciation of his heritage.

  4. Joshua Block says:


    As a parent of course the rising tension in Israel at this time is of concern. What measures are being taken for the safety of the group at this time?


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