2018 Youth to Israel Adventure (Y2I) Teens’ Testimonials

“I am truly thankful for the gift of Israel I was fortunate enough to receive.  This trip was not just a “free trip to Israel,”  but rather an opportunity for one to strengthen their connection to the country and discover the true meaning of one’s Jewish identity.”

Max White, Marblehead

“There are 100 kids that all had different experiences during these past two weeks, but what did we have in common?  Not that we were from the same town, not that we liked or disliked the same things, not that we were all in Israel, but that our love for the Jewish community had grown 10 times more and we all left our homeland with a new sense of love and appreciation.”

 Kimberly Way, Beverly 

“Y2I was one of the best experiences of my life–visiting the holiest sites in the world, and visiting one of the greatest countries in the world full of my own people, for once I felt at home.”

Max Foltz, Newburyport

“Going to Israel was truly a trip of a life time.  It enhanced my Jewish identity.  I became close with people around the North Shore and made friends with people in Israel.”

Sean Grady, Marblehead

“Because of this trip I met friends that I wouldn’t have made if I didn’t go on the trip.  The friends that you make on this trip are friends that you will keep.”

Alex Freedman, Peabody

“It was an amazing experience not only being with 100 teens, who had also grown up being Jewish, but also being surrounded by thousands of Jewish people.  Israel had this amazing sense of community and family.”

Katie Hubbard, Arlington

“Y2I has drastically changed my life, thoughts, and views.  Without this trip, I would not be the person that I am today and most importantly, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be Jewish.”

Alan Chak, Middleton

“I met so many amazing people on this trip, and I will never forget the amazing moments I had.  Y2I gave me many brand new perspectives about my religion and what it means to be a Jew.”

Jake Geisinger, Sharon