Y2I Teens’ Testimonials

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“After my Y2I experience, I feel much more connected to Israel and the world around me because I met many different Israelis, traveled around, and learned the history and culture of the country.” – Ilana DeAngelo, Marblehead


“Actually going to Israel has opened my eyes and definitely has enhanced my Jewish identity.”  – Rachel Brailovskiy, Lynn


“Being here, seeing the sights, the people, being told I’m home and getting the chance to realize how true that is makes me feel more connected.” – Rebecca Price, Swampscott


“I learned more about what it is to be Jewish.” – Max Gilbert, Newburyport


“Y2I completely convinced me to raise my kids Jewish. After visiting my homeland, I realized that they’re all my family and share the same values and I want my children to be a part of that and carry on history.” – Amalia Sostin, Marblehead


“I’ve been inspired to become an advocate for Israel.” – Hannah Wilson, Newburyport


“Speakers, teens, and firsthand experience made my connection to Israel a strong and valuable one. I will continue to advocate in every way I can.” – David Kobrosky, Rockport


“Being here personally allowed me to see the true beauty and understand the people, culture, and conflict.” – Ariella Nardizzi, Nahant


“Before Y2I I didn’t connect with being a Jew, now I understand why it is so important to express myself as a Jew and take pride in my culture and religion.” – Rachel Ellis, Peabody


“I never thought I would love every single thing about Israel. The people are so welcoming and I feel they are my second family.” – Morgan Weiner, Swampscott


“It showed me Israel in a physical manner which was much more tangible than the pictures we were shown in religious school.” – Claire Caplan, Marblehead


“Before I have only heard about Israel and seen it in movies, TV, or the news. But after actually seeing it in person, being there, and meeting the people who live there, it feels more real and even more important for me and the Jewish people.” – Matt Gluskin, Marblehead


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