2025 Y2I June/July Trip


The 2025 Y2I trip will take place from June 29-July 11, 2025.

The 2025 Y2I trip is open to Jewish teens who:

Teens who do not live in these service areas, but whose family belongs to a Jewish organization in Lappin Foundation’s North Shore service area, qualify for Y2I.

Information about the June/July 2025 trip will be posted in the coming weeks

For more information about 2025 Y2I, please contact Sharon Wyner at 978-565-4450 or email swyner@lappinfoundation.org.

2025 Informational Meetings

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2025 Criteria

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2025 Program Requirements

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2025 Proposed Itinerary

The goal of Y2I is Jewish continuity. Y2I was established in 1970 by philanthropist Robert Israel Lappin (of blessed memory), who believed the teen Israel experience is the most effective way to build Jewish pride, connect young people to Israel, and imbue them with love and responsibility for our Jewish Family. Key to Y2I’s success is the fully subsidized community teen trip to Israel. More than 3,000 Jewish teens have participated in Y2I since 1970.

2024 Y2I warmly welcomes Jewish teens from interfaith families. Teens of all abilities and Jewish backgrounds are invited to apply, regardless of level of Jewish observance, Jewish education, or Jewish affiliation.

The 12-day Israel adventure  is fully subsidized thanks to generous support from our donors and CJP.

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