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Y2I: A Life Changing Experience

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Abby Avin,


I now have a very strong Jewish identity because of my Y2I 2019 experience

Joshua Barosin,


So when I think Israel, I think of being deeply connected to not only my history but the history of others.

Jadyn Gross,


Thank you for opening my eyes to see new and better things than what I would just see at home.

Taylah Baseman,


I fell in love with the culture, most definitely the food, my religion, and most importantly, the Israeli people.

Rachel Goland,


The beauty of the country, the feeling of being at the Western Wall and other religious sites and more amazing Israeli things gave me a connection to the country that I didn’t know I could foster in only two weeks.

Sam Gutin,


During my final days of being in Israel, I felt truly connected to Judaism, what it means to be Jewish, the culture, and the community.

Nicole Michelman,


I feel more Jewish overall, and more connected to the global community of Jews.

Leah Katz,


This trip played large roll of solidifying my Jewish identity and helped me better understand my roots.

Jared Hass,


As I embarked on my journey through Y2I, I realized that there’s more than one way to be Jewish and feel connected to Judaism.

Emma Keith,


As I finish my last two years of high school and go on to college, I am prouder than ever to call myself a Jew.

Adriana Kotler,


This trip came at a time I needed most, at a time when I was questioning my Jewish identity due to the anti-semitism going on at my school.

Ari Menes,


Being a part of a friend group that’s Jewish, it’s strengthened my Jewish identity and makes me feel normal. I didn’t have that before, and having it now is amazing.

Jessica Sapozhnik,


My ideas about Israel have completely changed, and now when people say negative things about Israel I am able to correct them and share with them my experiences from going there.

Sophie Bendoris,


There must have been thousands of people at the holy Western Wall while we were there, and at this moment, I was as proud to be Jewish as I have ever been in my life.

Charlie Mack,


Y2I gave me the real meaning of being Jewish.

Jenna Tabenkin,


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