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The per-teen cost to Lappin Foundation for 2021 Y2I is $6,300. The 12-day teen to trip to Israel is fully subsidized by Lappin Foundation’s Annual Campaign and by the Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation.

What about the pandemic? Is it safe to travel to Israel?
The pandemic will determine if a Y2I trip can take place next summer. We are planning for a trip, and we will probably know in the early part of 2021 if it is safe to travel. If you would like to be kept informed about the plans, please submit an interest form.  In the event there is not a trip, we will offer teens Israel programming. Joining the programs is a way to meet other teens and learn about Israel.  We encourage you to submit an interest form so we can update you on plans as they develop.


Who qualifies* for 2021 Y2I?
Jewish teens who are high school sophomores or juniors as of September 1, 2020; and who live in or whose family is a member of a temple in Lappin Foundation’s service area

*Teens who were accepted to 2020 Y2I are allowed to participate in 2021 Y2I because the 2020 Y2I trip was canceled due to the pandemic.  


What are the dates of the trip to Israel?
Sunday, June 27 – Friday, July 9

How much does it cost to participate in 2021 Y2I?

  • $350: $150 program fee and $200 for medical and trip cancellation insurance and tips for Israeli staff
  • $500 refundable deposit, which will be returned upon completion of the program requirements.

Is there financial aid available?
Yes. Contact Sharon Wyner at 978-565-4450 or email for more information.


Is there a limit to the number of teens accepted into 2021 Y2I?
No. Lappin Foundation is committed to funding all the eligible teens who apply to 2021 Y2I.


Are teens from interfaith families welcome in 2021 Y2I?
Absolutely!  A significant percentage of teens, some years up to 40% or more, are from interfaith families. Lappin Foundation warmly welcomes teens of interfaith families to apply to 2021 Y2I.


Can teens who did not go to Hebrew school, who did not have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or who are not religious apply to Y2I?
Yes. There is no Jewish education requirement or Bar or Bat Mitzvah requirement for 2021 Y2I.


Is everyone who applies to Y2I accepted?
No. It may be determined that a teen is not ready for the Y2I experience through the interview and recommendation process.


What if you live outside of the Foundation’s service area?
Jewish teens who live outside the Foundation’s service area can pay $6,300 to participate in 2021 Y2I if they meet the other criteria.  Contact Sharon Wyner for more information (978-565-4450 or email


What are the program requirements?
Program requirements are listed here.


When are the pre and post-trip meetings?
Dates and times of the meetings will be announced soon.


What if I cannot attend a meeting due to another commitment?
A make-up assignment will be sent to you.


How does my child apply to 2021 Y2I?
Parents should: complete the registration form; submit the application packet and fees by the due date, which will be announced soon.


When will the informational meetings take place?
Dates, times and locations of informational meetings can be found here.


How many teens are you expecting in 2021 Y2I?
We are planning for 150 teens, which includes teens from 2020 who could not go to Israel because of the pandemic. Having a group of 150 teens will be an unprecedented opportunity for teens to make new friends from around the community!


What is the size of the Y2I staff?
On every bus there will be four adult counselors, a tour educator, bus driver and security guard who is a medic.  A mental health professional travels with the group. Debbie Coltin, Lappin Foundation’s executive director, also travels with the group. Counselors have experience with teens and Israel travel.


How do you get to Israel from Boston?
Our plan is to take charter buses from the North Shore to Newark Airport and then fly non-stop to Tel Aviv.


What are the hotels like that Y2I uses in Israel?
Y2I uses nice hotels in Israel.  We reserved the following accommodations and are awaiting confirmation:
Grand Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv
Ramada Jerusalem
Kfar Hanokdim
Lake House in Tiberias
Yearim Hotel

Teens do not share beds and there are no more than three teens per room.


How do you travel around Israel?
We travel in air-conditioned tour buses.


Do Y2I teens meet Israeli teens?
Yes! Israeli teens join Y2I teens for four days. This is called a mifgash. The mifgash is often the highlight of the Y2I experience for many teens. The mifgash is a priceless opportunity for American and Israeli teens to meet, get to know each other, and make life-long friendships.


How will get detailed information about the packing list, money exchanging, roommates and group assignments?
A trip orientation meeting will be held in the spring to provide teens and parents all the details about the trip and to answer questions teens and parents may have.


Who can I contact to get more information about 2021 Y2I?
Sharon Wyner


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