2022 Y2I Application Checklist

The Morton and Lillian Waldfogel Charitable Foundation provides financial assistance for families in need to cover costs of Y2I fees. Contact Sharon Wyner (978-565-4450 or swyner@lappinfoundation.org) for more information.

The Lappin Foundation reserves the right to cancel the trip or change the itinerary at any time for any reason.  If you have any questions, please call Deborah Coltin, Executive Director, at 978-740-4428 or email dcoltin@lappinfoundation.org.

Only completed Application Packets will be considered for acceptance to 2022 Y2I. 

Due by November 15, 2021:

___ Registration – Complete online registration.  At the end of the registration form you may upload copies of the front and back of teen’s Health Insurance Card, Copy of teen’s CDC COVID 19 Vaccination Record and a clear copy of the entire picture page of teen’s Passport.

 Due by November 22, 2021:

___ Two Letters of Recommendation Form – Letters of recommendation are accepted from individuals, such as teachers, coaches, counselors, or employers, who have known the applicant for at least six months.  Letters from applicant’s friends or family members will not be accepted.

 ___   Student in Good Standing Form – To be completed by a school administrator or guidance counselor.  

___ Signed forms: Code of Conduct and Statement of Responsibility for Teen, Code of Conduct and Statement of Responsibility for Parent/Guardian(s), Liability Release, Cancellation and Reimbursement Policies, and ContractForms must be signed by both parents/guardians (if applicable) and their teen.

___ Check for $200 program fee made payable to Lappin Foundation mail to: Sharon Wyner, Lappin Foundation, 100 Cummings Center, Suite 220-G, Beverly, MA 01915

___ One copy of teen’s Health Insurance Card, front and back

___ One clear copy of entire picture page of passport (Note: that a passport is not valid for travel to Israel if it expires on or before January 8, 2023) If teen does not a have a passport, please apply ASAP.

___ One copy of teen’s CDC COVID 19 Vaccination Record

Due by January 28, 2022:

___ Medical health form signed by doctor, dated within a year of the trip (July 2022). The form is the one that the doctor gives you that lists immunizations and is used for camp or sports.  If your teen is due to have their doctor’s appointment after the due date, let Sharon know the date of the appointment at 978-565-4450 or email swyner@lappinfoundation.org.

 ___ Check for $700, made payable to Lappin Foundation: $70 medical/travel insurance; $130 tips; $500 refundable deposit.

If you have any questions, you can call Sharon at 978-565-4450 or email swyner@lappinfoundation.org.


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